Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Reflection: The Dumbest Generation by Mark Baurlein

I just need to start this by saying how sad it is that trees had to lose their lives for the printing of this book. It is also sad to think that this author is a college professor and seems to hate the age group of students that he is responsible for. I would not enjoy him as an instructor.

Now about the book. My reaction to most of this book was, “Is he kidding?” The author seems to think that all people, especially those 15 to 29, who have not read the classics or regularly visits museums, are “dumb”. He doesn’t seem to take into account that people have different interests and likes and do different things. (Thank goodness for diversity.) After reading this book, I asked the young people I know in this age category if they have read the classics and/or like to read the classics. A couple of them said yes to both. (They are readers.) The others said not so much. But they are very active and smart and reading is not high on their interest level. They are all college graduates and function very well in society, most are even great parents. They do however have a great knowledge of technology. It is part of their lives and their jobs. I often wish I could be as comfortable as they are with technology. So “no” I don’t agree with the author that all people 15 to 29 who don’t read classics or go to museums are “dumb.”

I hope that as a teacher I will be able to find the balance of the old (books) and the new (technology) in my classroom. I feel there is still a need for both.

I feel I am a functioning adult, but I don’t frequent museums and I have read very few classics. But hopefully with the 100 of them on my eReader I will eventually read a few more before I die.

One last thought—is it ironic that this book is available as an eBook?

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