Saturday, January 29, 2011


I will be honest....half-way into this book, I was wishing I had picked a different book! I found myself being discouraged and disheartened as I read through all of the statistics and negative comments about the young students of today. While I can somewhat understand where the author is getting his beliefs from, I do nto feel it is quite accurate. Today's students simply have a different approach to learning than what many older teachers are used to. There are so many tools available for students to use today, and "old school" methods of research seem meaningless. We as teachers need to figure out the best way to use these tools in our classes and find new ways to keep our students engaged in our classes.

With all of the social networking sites and wide variety of different "entertainment-based" things that kids can be doing on their computers, there is a good chance that students will become distracted and may misuse technology within the classroom. If we can find a way to properly monitor its use, technology can be a huge benefit in the classroom. One big problem that I see is that while we may be doing everything we can in the class to teach students how to use technology productively and responsibly, the same things are not being taught at home. If the parents of the younger generations would maintain some guidlines and limitations on how their children are allowed to use technologies, these young people might be better trained in self-discipline, responsibility, and respect when it come to use of technology. This book has helped to open my eyes to the quickly changing world of education and the role that technology plays in its development.

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